Why Skike?

Nordic skiing is one of the healthiest sports and according to some researches it’s the second healthiest sport, preceded only by swimming. Since wintertime in Slovenia last ¼ of the year and it takes time for the year to turn, Skike-ing is the best option as you make almost the same movements as in ski running. By doing that we transmit the beneficent effects of ski running to skike-ing. Considering you need to keep your balance on a higher centre, we can conclude that the stability muscles work more than they do during ski running. All groups of muscles, from head to toe, are involved. The difference with the muscles workout is also in the technique we use. The effects it has on the hearth are assured by a cardiovascular activity strengthening our heart and its capacity. This exercise is also easy on the joints, since it doesn’t burden them.

If we sum up what Skike is, we can say that it’s a great substitute for ski running on all types of ground and anytime during the year. It has a beneficent effect on your shape and all the muscles in your body, especially the lower part.

Skike Landestrost