Kostanjevica na Krki is located in Slovenia (www.slovenia.info) in the south-easteren part of the country between Ljubljana and Zagreb, 10 min from highway exits If coming from Zagreb use exit Drnovo and if coming from Ljubljana use exit Dobruška vas. If you pass the recommended one, you can in both cases use exit Smednik (next one). Slovenia is a diversity to discover. It has Alps, meaditerian coastline, carst caves, hot springs and more than 2/3 of country covered by forest.

Airports near Kostanjevica na Krki

Distance to airports

Ljubljana (Slovenia) 120 km/74 mi (1h 10 min)

Zagreb (Croatia) 66 km/41 mi (51 min)

Trieste (Italy) 210 km/130 mi (2h)

Venezia (Italy) 318 km/197 mi (3h)

Treviso (Italy) 315 km/195 mi (3h)

Vienna (Austria) 377 km/234 mi (4h)

Budapest (Hungary) 442 km/274 mi (4h 15min)

Munich (Germany) 540 km/335 mi (5h)

For transport from the airport use www.goopti.com/en/ or rent a car on a selected airport

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