What’s SUP

The term SUP stands for Stand Up Paddling and, if we’re not too specific about the form and the manners, we could say that people have been paddling standing up even before they sat in a boat. Let’s say that a stick and standing on a trunk (or more trunks together) was the origin of this increasingly popular sport. The SUP culture was perfectly developed by the nations in the Pacific (people from Polynesia, Hawaii, etc.).

Today’s SUP evolved from wave surfing, where surfers helped themselves with a paddle. Duke Kahanamoku, who’s considered its father, used to surf with a paddle in Hawaii, more accurately on the beach Waikiki on the island Oahu. It’s still too early to talk about a massive expansion SUP culture. There were so many people involved until today in the creation of SUP, that it’s still difficult to define who was the first one to start it. Anyway, it’s not even important. The only thing that matters is that they created a beautiful sport which anyone can practice and enjoy.

The video below gives you some information on how to begin