Landestrost wines are made with love on the sunny slopes above Kostanjevica na Krki. Grape cviček, blue Franconian and Dolenjska white grapes ripen here. We are a small family viticulture with 1600 vines, among which velvety black, kingdom, Laško Riesling and blue Franconian predominate. The grapes are picked by hand and cellared according to traditional procedures handed down from previous generations with the added knowledge of modern viticulture. We preserve the tradition of wooden pillars in the vineyard, which is a rarity today. We want to achieve top quality wines produced in the most natural and human-friendly way. You are kindly invited to the Blanča estate, if this is not possible at the moment, order vince at home.


Phone: 031 492 868 / 030343975 / 051260125
Ulica talcev 20, 8311 Kostanjevica na Krki