When we are talking about Slovenian wines we can say they are becoming more and more known around the world. But we have another secret hidden gem for you in the south eastern part of Slovenia, it is called Cviček, the most unique Slovenian wine. Cviček was first mentioned at the end of the 17th century by Janez Vajkad Valvasor and was developed through centuries till now. It is a protected cuvee blend with PTP (protected traditional naming) also on European regulatory scale. It contains from 4 main sorts- Žametna črnina, Laški rizling, Kraljevina and Modra Frankinja.

 Why is it so special?

  • One of few wines in the world blended from red and white grapes
  • Can grow only on selected territory of Dolenjska region with centuries long tradition
  • Low level of alcohol, up to 10%
  • Red Rubin colour
  • Dry wine
  • Fresh and fruity aromas
  • Appropriate for modern active person in moderate quantities has positive effect on digestion, increases appetite, prevents insomnia, lowers cholesterol and strengthens blood flow
  • Goes great with strong greasy meat dishes
  • Best served between 14-16 °C

To sum it up, Cviček is a special wine for every occasion.

Why Landestrost wines

Wines that go hand in hand with nature

  • Family tradition & knowledge
  • Upgrading traditional approach with new discoveries
  • Wooden pillar support
  • No herbicides and insecticides usage
  • Hand harvest


Matija Tomazin, one of three brothers who help produce Landestrost Cviček

History of Landestrost Cviček

Stane Tomazin decided to continue his family tradition of viticulture from his father Stanko and bought a property in 1979 in Blanče above Kostanjevica na Krki and planted wines. Uncle Jože continued to grow wines at family vineyard nearby. Brother Jože Tomazin and friend Tone Grlovič were one of few companions who helped the most to plant the wines. They worked hard but also took care of thirst. Father was at the time working and living in Pivka which is around 150 km far and drove back home to take care of the vineyard. When settling back in hometown, he started to actively work in local viticulture society to promote and give value to Cviček. He was one of main reasons Week of Cviček a traditional event of winemakers of Dolenjska was hold for so many times in Kostanjevica na Krki. In 2006 he was named Ambassador of Cviček and became a part of a Cviček court.  Today he is the brain and working together with wife Vera and three sons. Mission is to produce a quality Cviček with hand in hand with nature.

In the end why Landestrost? It is the first medieval name for a town on a river island Kostanjevica na Krki, origins from German and it presents trust, courage of the land. Those are values we want to share to the world.


Our wines are a faithful companion of all our events.

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