Cviček and vineyard cottages

Cviček is a light red wine with a ruby-red shade. It’s known to be one of the two wines in the world with a legal base that allows to mix white and red types of grapes for its production. It has a low alcohol level with little elevated common acids and a fruity, fresh and lively taste. Its smell reminds us of forest fruits, especially raspberries. The wine is composed of individual wines as Žametna črnina (60%), Kraljevina (20%), Laški rizling (10%) and Frankinja (10%), but there could be little deviations in the composition. Other wines are also allowed, but in smaller quantities, like silvanec, rumeni plavec, zweigelt and ranfol, which grow in a permitted area. This area includes the central part of the wine-growing region of Posavje, south of the river Sava and north of the ridge of Gorjanci and, on the west, until the boundary line of vine growing site (Ivančna gorica).

The court of Cviček is special since it doesn’t have a Queen, but a King. Each year the crown goes to the best evaluated winegrower, who produced a sufficient quantity of wine. The King is escorted by the Princess of Cviček, a girl who is elected at the traditional week of Cviček (Teden cvička). Her nomination is based on a general communicative impression. The mandate for both positions last one year. There are also ambassadors of cviček, that receive this flattering title for their work in viticulture and help to promote their product.

Grapes for wine Cviček

In Kostanjevica na Krki they started an organized production of cviček. In 1928, the first cviček wine cellar was founded. It’s located in the former Cistercian monastery. Today, the cellar is in Leskovec pri Krškem, where they continue its tradition.

The vineyard cottages are very typical of the wine-growing region of Posavje. In the past, they were used as storages for wine and tools in the immediate vicinity of the vineyard. Those vineyard cottages are a heritage, passed on by the Lower Carniola man through generations. They are a peculiarity that narrates about the special urban arrangement of the Lower Carniola countryside. The so-called small viticulture is a part of the local people’s life. Besides their basic activity of wine storage, they are also used as holiday cottages. Today, a lot of owners decide to open the doors of their cottages to tourists and offer them the possibility to enjoy nature and its great panoramas, exquisite wine and excellent cuisine.