Accommodations in Kostanjevica and in its vicinity:

Vila Castanea ***

Vila Castanea – the luxury of days gone by with 21st century comfort

The Vila Castanea is in the very heart of the old town, and is an ideal place to relax, enjoy the natural beauty of the soft Dolenjska landscape, the picturesque wine-growing hills and the soothing Krka. This grand town house from the end of the 19th century is a protected landmark of local importance with a diverse and interesting history – as an inn, residential house and villa. It boasts a richly decorated front facade, an arched ground floor, floors made of local stone and an arcaded interior courtyard in the shade of a mighty chestnut tree. It dominates the old part of the town; its windows open onto wonderful views of the soft Dolenjska hills, the sleepy Krka and the town. Breathe in the fresh spring air, enjoy the scent of newly mown grass in late summer and allow yourself to be tempted by baked chestnuts from the surrounding woodlands.

Let the Vila Castanea be yours alone! The exclusive hire of the villa for the organisation of a business event or wedding will guarantee you complete privacy; thus your stay and that of your guests will be adapted to your wishes. You are warmly welcome.


Appartment na Krki ****

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